The Squid & Whale, Glasgow

Nearly a month after my last post, I’ve finally got around to writing up our second Glasgow meat feast stop – The Squid & Whale (372 – 374 Great Western Road). I’m afraid this report is a bit lean – my bad for leaving it so long!


We started with some battered pickles. I’m not sure how I feel about pickles, aka gherkins. Sometimes I’m quite fond of them – crunchy, vinegary; at other times they are too soft, or too bitter.

Battering them didn’t do much to improve matters in my opinion. I like crispy things, but hot pickles – not so much. Still, I was glad to have tried them as I’d been curious in case they turned out to be amazing.

Pictured above is H’s steak topped with crispy onion rings. This went down pretty well and I enjoyed the bit I “borrowed”.

You can see my massive plateful lurking at the back of the shot. I had pulled pork with various trimmings, including cola baked beans and mashed potatoes. All very nice and a huge portion. I also got to choose between a biscuit or cornbread. I went for the former but sadly ended up with quite a small dry crumbly take, nothing like the soft yielding scone-like construction I was hoping for.

H was particularly pleased with his jalapeno margarita.

jalapeno margarita

A decent kick but nothing too scary. Some home experiments have been carried out since. I had an elderflower cider, and found it light and refreshing.

Their current menu looks pretty good, but as they are in Glasgow and I’m not, I probably won’t get to try it. Let me know if you do though, so at least I can live vicariously.


One thought on “The Squid & Whale, Glasgow”

  1. I think it will be the go to place for dinner while Rosie is home for the holiday. I can still pull up the memory of my chicken dish it was so full of flavour.
    The place was included in a ‘bad ‘review in the Metro recently as a girl who went there checked her bill and was surprised to see the comment ‘pussy’ on it after the vegan tag to her food choices. When she queried the bill with the manager he laughed and said, oh you should not have seen that’. She later posted a comment on Facebook complaining about it. Someone from her facebook friends who is a journalist chose to lift her photo and the coment and put it in the paper. She is not very happy as you might imagine. Storm in a tea cup really.

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