Vietnam Food Exploration: Goi Buoi

I have a definite fondness for pomelo. It feels like a magnified citrus – everything enlarged. Thicker skin, larger segments that break up into lots of tiny juice-filled strands.

pomelo salad

The taste is like a mild grapefruit, perfectly palatable to eat unsweetened. They can be a bit hit and miss in the UK, often overly dry.

When they haven’t had to endure a long trip, however, they can be deliciously juicy. Good eaten plain, they also make a wonderful sweet/savoury salad.

As you can see from the above image, chilli is usually part of it, along with some kind of seafood such as prawn. Fresh herbs, occasional peanuts. It makes an amazing combination which is far more exciting than our lettuce and tomato UK staple.

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