The Importance of Good Glassware

Not so long ago, I wouldn’t have thought the shape or size of a glass would make much difference to the contents.

When I started frequenting fancy bars, I noticed that their glasses were often smaller and more delicate than those sold in high street homewares shops, and there was a much greater range of shapes.


I eventually tracked down some cute Embassy Champagne Saucers on The Whisky Exchange website. These have since been augmented with random second-hand finds, and the occasional shop addition.

This does not stop me falling in love with occasional bar glasses, though, and there are two in particular I am smitten with.

One is Bar Termini’s Negroni glasses. You can get a peek at them over on their Instagram. They are the epitomy of petite delicacy.

The second is a custom glass which I have spied in a few bars under Tony Conigliaro‘s influence (Untitled, The Bar with No Name, Zetter Townhouse etc). You can see it in the photo above, on the left, although I have to admit the glass on the right is pretty darn fine too.

After a few futile attempts to buy one, I idly speculated when we were in Untitled a few weeks ago that perhaps the gentleman sauntering past was Mr Conigliaro himself (the bar hasn’t been open long) and we should ask him. H leapt on the possibility, and it turned out to be the case. We came away with a strong lead (Drink Factory site), and although H had been there before, he has been in contact and signs are looking positive!

Less law-abiding friends, on hearing my rhapsodies about said glasses, have asked why I haven’t just taken one, the worst outcome surely being a ban?

London cocktail obsessives they are not – it is a risk I am DEFINITELY not prepared to take.

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