Soho Rose Part 2: Cocktails

Following my foray into rose non-alcoholic drinks, it seems only logical to follow up with some boozy options.

I occasionally experiment with rose cocktails at home, either using Lanique or rose syrup. I even denuded one of my rose bushes of pink petals to try making my own rose liqueur (tasted fine but looked brownish – milk-washing and filtering turned it a light yellow…).

I’ve had goals to try so many of the below and as of yet have failed miserably. No doubt menus will change, but I am hoping rose will continue to feature in imaginative and delicious drinks.


Rosato House Negroni, Bar Termini – A dainty glass of sweetly bitter delight.

rose cocktail

Mr Tumnus’s Tumnus Tipple Delight, The Blind Pig – Mysteriously a pretty blue colour, this contained “Star of Bombay, Lanique rose, White chocolate, Citrus, Vanilla, Egg white, Ice shard”. The current menu is inspired by children’s classics, and this was a tasty Narnian treat, though I would have loved an accompanying cube of Turkish Delight.


Turkish Delight, Ceru – Russian standard, strawberry liquor, rose water, cranberry juice. Sounds like a sugary treat – very tempted by this.

Turkish Delight Martini, Yalla Yalla – Very similar to Ceru’s cocktail, this contains vodka, strawberry liquor, fresh strawberries, rose water and cranberry juice.

Au Revoir Shoshana, Palomar – Beefeater gin, pink grapefruit and rose sherbet, lemon juice, sumac tincture, soda water. This is a place I really want to eat, and they have some great-sounding cocktails.

Kiss, Freedom Bar – Bombay Sapphire, strawberry, pomegranate, rose, lemon. I am picturing a pretty pink drink in a coupe glass.

Swedish Milk Punch, Bar & Lounge, 100 Wardour – Darjeeling Tea and Roses Infused Absolut Elix, Xante Liquor, Absinthe, Angostura Bitters, Red Wine and Condensed Milk. A long list of ingredients could mean a complex delight or a chaotic muddle!

Rose and Cocoa Martini, The Lobby Bar, Six Storeys – Made using their hand-infused vodka or gin, according to the menu.

Royal Garden, Aqua Spirit – Gin, cardamom-infused rose liqueur, grapefruit syrup, bergamot, violet. Love the sound of this triple floral cocktail.

Sacred Full English, Mark’s Bar – Thankfully not a hipster breakfast horror, but instead Sacred gin, rosehip, sweet vermouth, baked apple.

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