Northern Ireland Food Exploration: Yellowman

If you had to guess what yellowman was from the name, I don’t think you’d hit on the right answer.

That being, a lurid sweet.

When I was researching uniquely Northern Irish food, this was one of the most mentioned. Described as similar to honeycomb (most commonly encountered in the UK as the crumbly sugary centre of a Crunchie bar), of course I had to find some.

One bag I bought in St George’s Market, the other from Old Time Favourites Sweet Shop, a must visit for all the jars of sweets.

I got them home safely, and H and I opened one bag to try. From a taste perspective, yes, definitely like honeycomb. Essentially pure sugar. However texturally, they are rock solid. In fact one of my colleagues who tried a piece from the other bag the next day, said it was just like actual rock (meaning the stick candy). Brittle, hard, sweet. Not peppermint though. I didn’t notice any real difference between the two types apart from the hue.

I don’t want to be down on a traditional sweet, but I do prefer the texture of honeycomb. It is easier to eat, albeit perhaps less good value – one piece of yellowman can last quite a while!

Since I left, my friend A saw an advert for yellowman vodka. A quick look online turned up Yellaman Honeycomb Vodka Liqueur. I can picture exactly how it will taste, and am tempted to order some…

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