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Primrose Cafe, Bristol

I miss brunch. Farnborough, where I currently live, is not a brunch hotspot. There are plenty of places to get a fry-up, but for snooty gourmands like myself, there is a distinct lack of free-range meaty goodness, artisan bread products and things smothered in Hollandaise. (Yes, I am as pretentious as I sound…)

We went out for brunch on a Sunday morning in Bristol, and after our first destination turned out to be closed, our friend led us to the nearby Primrose Cafe (1 Clifton Arcade, Clifton, Bristol).

bacon and waffle

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Lilly and Boo’s Cupcakery, Bristol

Visiting a friend in Bristol recently, I meandered past a cupcake shop en route to lunch (Lilly and Boo’s Cupcakery, corner of Cotham Hill and Whiteladies Road), and immediately stopped and pressed my face up against the window. Rows of gorgeous cakes winked back at me, definitely insisting that my visit would not be complete without a cake stop.

An hour or so later I was in possession of a Velvet Elvis, for the princely sum of £2.20. The guy behind the counter was wonderfully friendly, and my cake was carefully packaged into a little plastic case shaped to protect its dome of icing.


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