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Oddono’s Gelati, Battersea

I am a great believer in research. Why waste time eating something disappointing when a little research can minimise the risk of traumatising your tastebuds?

Of course happening across good places is wonderful. There is always a little risk involved, but if you rely on your instincts, things usually turn out okay.


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Samba Swirl, Battersea

Over a year ago, I posted about an awesome fro-yo place in Hong Kong: Orangi-Yo. Here you could serve yourself from a choice of fro-yo flavours and then sprinkle with as many toppings as you liked.

H loved the place, and since then, we’ve occasionally reminisced about it, wishing there was somewhere similar in the UK.

The other week, we decided to pop up on the train to Clapham Junction to have a mooch around. Imagine my delight when, undertaking some pre-trip research, I came across a website for a 3-shop chain of self-serve fro-yo places in London!

frozen yoghurt

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The Icecreamists, Covent Garden

Another month, another post without photos.

My newish job has taken up a lot of my brain space, leaving me woefully ill-placed to remind H to bring a camera and/or take photos with it. However faced with not telling you about an awesome ice-cream shop or telling you about it without photos, I’m going to err on the side of food.

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