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Parma Violet Aviation

When I read about Iceland’s avalanche of sweet-based ice-creams on Kev’s Snack Reviews, it wasn’t long before both Anglo Bubbly and Parma Violet Ice Lollies were in the house.

While the Anglo Bubbly ones were actual ice-creams, I was disappointed that the Parma Violet ones were lollies. I’d been imagining rich, creamy, violetty goodness, and instead it was a frozen syrup stick.

Unimpressed by the medium but appreciating the taste, I decided to repurpose two lollies in a version of possibly my favourite cocktail, an Aviation.

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Elderflower Update

A couple of weeks ago I mangled a recipe for Elderflower “Champagne”.

It sat in its bucket for two weeks, smelling a bit odd, getting a smidge mouldy-looking, and eventually a bit bubbly. I found a site that said a bit of mould wasn’t dire, so I scooped it off when I saw it, and stirred the mix every so often.

Today, I filtered and decanted into bottles.

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Elderflower Power

I was looking round for a gardening blog to read, and happened across Two Thirsty Gardeners, which sounded right up my street.

I meandered round their site for a bit, before coming across an old post on Elderflower Sparkle. This reminded me that I had missed elderflower season the last few years, and I resolved to head out into the field behind my house the next morning to check on progress.

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Marrons Glacés

One of my grandmothers was of French descent, and aside from her charming accent and excellent cooking skills, it meant that she was also partial to some items with which as a British child, I was unfamiliar.

Quite often at Christmas someone would give her an immense box which when opened, turned out to contain 5 or 6 marrons glacés, widely spaced and individually wrapped.

marrons glacés

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