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London Dessert Day 1

This post was written over a year ago and then forgotten – but here it finally is.

Dessert is a course I rarely reach.

I find it very hard to ignore starters, and this inevitably means that by the time the dessert menu comes, I am full. Sometimes I have two starters and no main, or if it is a small plates place I rein it in, but I often get to the end of the meal and know that I just can’t fit anything else in.

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Hong Kong Food Exploration: Baked Goods

Over 5 years ago I used to work in London, and would very occasionally walk down to the Golden Gate Cake Shop in Macclesfield Street to purchase a sweet Chinese bun. From all the varieties available, my preference was for one filled with thick, slightly grainy, butter-yellow custard.

Hong Kong is home to a plethora of similar bakery shops, and they are the ideal place to pick up a snack or light breakfast.

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