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A few Rhode Island and Massachusetts Finds

Almost exactly a year after our New York + Extras trip, here is the last post!

Don’t ask 🙂 Instead be distracted by this photo… mmm, creamy goodness!

fro yo

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Wee Hurrie, Troon

I don’t know how, but when I was living up in Ayrshire last year I totally neglected to post on my favourite UK fish and chip shop, the Wee Hurrie in Troon.

On our recent visit to H’s mum T, this was the first place we headed after our train reached Ayr, and I realised I had to rectify this terrible error. So with the year-old pics I had ready and waiting, let me try to make amends.

Wee Hurrie

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New Zealand Food Exploration: Fish and Chips

I imagine any UK readers are looking askance at the title of the post and thinking “Um, thanks, but I think I know what fish and chips are,” while rolling their eyes a little.

But before you jump ship to another site muttering “teach your grandmother…”, perhaps you haven’t heard of tarakihi or warehou, kumara chips or corn patties. Neither had I until very recently, and I’m desperate to show off my newly-acquired knowledge to anyone who will listen.

Due to our budgetary constraints, takeaways were bound to feature on the menu a few times. We couldn’t afford fancy fish restaurants, but we could stretch to the occasional fish and chip supper.

fish and chips

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