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A few Rhode Island and Massachusetts Finds

Almost exactly a year after our New York + Extras trip, here is the last post!

Don’t ask 🙂 Instead be distracted by this photo… mmm, creamy goodness!

fro yo

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Vietnam Food Exploration: Cha Ca La Vong

I’d love to live by the sea and have freshly-caught fish to hand. Or even live somewhere large enough to have a dedicated fishmongers. Instead I make do with supermarkets, and the occasional farmers market and farm shop.

This is particularly galling for a fan of raw fish. The last time I asked a supermarket fishmonger if their fish was okay to eat raw he said “Well I wouldn’t…” Since then, H found a great fishmonger in Guildford (The Chelsea Fishmonger), but it’s a bit of a trek so is only an occasional treat.

All this rambling leads to a post on Cha Ca La Vong – a wonderful Vietnamese fish creation.

cha ca la vong

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A Few Venice Highlights

Picture a couple in a gondola, gently propelled along a narrow canal by a skilled gondolier. Now add 3 other passengers, a crap ton of rain, umbrellas and cameras in all hands, and the romance rapidly evporates. We watched them drift past us as we splashed our way through the streets on the first full day of our recent brief trip to Venice.

It was sunny the next day. And to be fair, Venice is pretty amazing whatever the weather. Dilapidated ornate buildings lapped by lagoon waters, maze-like passageways, tiny steep bridges over miniature canals – it certainly isn’t like anywhere else I’ve ever been.

But other people can tell you more about that stuff. I’m all about the food.


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