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Uncle Lim’s Kitchen, Croydon

Over a year ago, I professed my failure at having recorded any photographic evidence of eating char kway teow and nasi lemak while in Malaysia.

Now I feel I can make it up to you a little by mentioning the fact we had both dishes at Uncle Lim’s Kitchen in Croydon recently, and they were pretty darned good.

char kway teow

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Malaysia Food Exploration: Penang Recommendations

I deliberated for a while over whether to write any posts for Penang or Kuala Lumpur that summarised the places we particularly enjoyed eating. There are so many excellent bloggers in these cities writing about the food scene that the ground is well-trodden, and they all know far more about the cuisine than I do.

In the end, I decided against it for Kuala Lumpur as we were there so briefly and anywhere that we liked got a name-check in the various food-specific posts. For Penang, the same is broadly true, but there were a few extra places that I wanted to mention so I thought I may as well (even though it meant making another map which is my least favourite blogging task!).

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Malaysia Food Exploration: The Quest for Kuih

Picture the scene. It is 2008 and H, H Snr and I are gathered together in the Newton Food Court, Melaka, Malaysia. It is a hot and sweaty lunchtime, and I have just eaten a large plate of crispy pork. H and I amble over to a kuih stand (kuih being a term for small snacks, often sweet but not always) and purchase a selection which we take back to the table.

H Snr glances over the plate and his face lights up at the sight of some small, green, coconut-covered balls. “Onde-onde!” he declares with delight, as he eats one with evident enjoyment. Apparently these were a favourite snack from his time working in Malaysia, so we hustled back and bought a load more.

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Malaysia Food Exploration: Malted Drinks

Old-fashioned people like me sometimes enjoy a nice Horlicks or Ovaltine before bedtime.

In fact I often enjoy them during the day too, as I can’t bring myself to like tea or coffee. My drink taste buds are firmly grounded in childhood, meaning I also don’t enjoy wine (unless used in cooking) or most alcohol (unless buried in a cocktail or smothered with juice or tonic).

not a malted drink

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