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Hanoi Street Food Tour, Hanoi

As much as I like trying to be brave, sometimes language can be a barrier to exploration.

Local knowledge seemed ideal, so I decided to find a guided food tour we could go on, eventually signing us up for a Hanoi Street Food Tour.

Because one of our number didn’t eat meat, I opted for a private tour. As there were 4 of us, it didn’t turn out that much more expensive ($100 vs $80).

We turned up at the office on time, and were introduced to our lovely guide, who had the nickname Miss Smile. She plunged off into the streets (on foot), and we started the tour.

foodtour 1

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Pho Viet, Bournemouth

I have been waiting for a while in hope that Vietnamese food is about to be the next big thing.

Every town, however small, would have a takeaway, and one could devour delicious noodle salads, bowls of pho and fresh summer rolls with ease. The food is often healthy, always delicious and there are enough crispy things available for treats.

There are the odd restaurants here and there, plus a cluster around Kingsland Road in London, but they are sadly far too rare.

When we decided to visit Bournemouth for a few days, I did my usual food research and was therefore thrilled to come across a restaurant called Pho Viet (976 Wimborne Road). I visited the website and drooled over the menu, sent the link onto H who was likewise afflicted, and he booked us a table.

noodle soup

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Thailand Food Exploration: Tom Yum Goong

There are some dishes that crop up on every Thai restaurant menu in Britain.

I’ve been a bit neglectful of some of these, partly because I didn’t eat too many of them when in Thailand recently, and partly because I thought it might be a bit boring.

Green and red curry, pad Thai… you can find these and other dishes in many restaurants, but quite often there were things I fancied more, or that I thought I might not get back home.

However once I’d finished writing the previous post about rice, I realised that I shouldn’t really worry about people finding anything else boring after they read that, so let’s talk about tom yum goong.

tom yum goong

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