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Food in New York

So much to eat, so little time/stomach space. We had so much amazing food, but here are a few highlights.

Clinton Street Baking Company

I just have to see the word biscuit on an American menu and I get unreasonably excited. I’m not sure why I am quite so fond of these scone-like carb-fests, but there is something addictive about them.


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Malaysia Food Exploration: Ais Kacang

There’s no way to hide the fact that this dessert has a face only a mother could love.

To be fair, I have seen some elegant presentations where a towering cone of shaved ice is drizzled with syrup and dotted with beans, jelly and other toppings, but I still find it hard to face a bowlful head-on and think “yum!”.

ais kacang

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