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Pho Viet, Bournemouth

I have been waiting for a while in hope that Vietnamese food is about to be the next big thing.

Every town, however small, would have a takeaway, and one could devour delicious noodle salads, bowls of pho and fresh summer rolls with ease. The food is often healthy, always delicious and there are enough crispy things available for treats.

There are the odd restaurants here and there, plus a cluster around Kingsland Road in London, but they are sadly far too rare.

When we decided to visit Bournemouth for a few days, I did my usual food research and was therefore thrilled to come across a restaurant called Pho Viet (976 Wimborne Road). I visited the website and drooled over the menu, sent the link onto H who was likewise afflicted, and he booked us a table.

noodle soup

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The Hanoi Bike Shop, Glasgow

I find it strange that Vietnamese food is not more prevalent in the UK. I suppose it isn’t strange, as it doesn’t have the same history with the UK as some cuisines do, or isn’t as visited a destination, but the food itself has the right combination of freshness, sparkling flavours and exotic appeal to prove popular with this country’s jaded palettes.

I am assuming our palettes are jaded because in the average supermarket one can find 6 different flavours of hummus.

Anyway, The Hanoi Bike Shop recently popped up in Ruthven Lane in the West End of Glasgow. The family members we were visiting were all in favour of going, so we popped in for lunch one day.

sausage banh mi

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