Wee Hurrie, Troon

I don’t know how, but when I was living up in Ayrshire last year I totally neglected to post on my favourite UK fish and chip shop, the Wee Hurrie in Troon.

On our recent visit to H’s mum T, this was the first place we headed after our train reached Ayr, and I realised I had to rectify this terrible error. So with the year-old pics I had ready and waiting, let me try to make amends.

Wee Hurrie

The Wee Hurrie is tucked away down the end of Harbour Road, Troon. You wouldn’t happen across it, so you have to know where you’re going before you set out. Generally it is open from lunchtime until mid evening, but times vary, and it isn’t open every day.

There is a wide range of fish to choose from, and they often have specials on the counter too. It is all cooked fresh, so no piles of ancient cod slowly desiccating under the glare of the heat lamp, and the portions are huge.

The top pic is of their fritto misto, a mix of succulent fish coated in a light crisp batter. Below is the salmon, and I love the fact that you can get salmon at a fish and chip shop – delicious.

Wee Hurrie

On our very recent visit I had scampi, which was sweet and juicy and left no room for the chips! The tartare sauce is good too.

Alas Troon is a long way to travel from Hampshire, so I’ll have to see if I can find somewhere half as good around here to go to. I’m not feeling very optimistic at the moment!

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