Taste Buds Caribbean Cuisine, Aldershot

One night recently H and I fancied some takeaway and decided to try out a restaurant in Aldershot called Taste Buds Caribbean Cuisine (98 Grosvenor Road).

We tried phoning a few times, but it went through to answer machine, so we decided to drive over and see if it still existed, with a back-up plan of going to the Nanglo Cafe if not.

jerk and sides

It did still exist (the photo above is a big clue!) and it was open. However it transpired that they were putting on an outside function, leaving one person to run things solo.

He was an incredibly nice person, and rustled us up a selection from the menu, while chatting to us about how things were going and even giving us a few things for free! The restaurant itself is simple and functional, with a friendly feel.

We took our spoils home, and enjoyed some delicious jerk pork and chicken, curry chicken, rice and peas, callaloo, a dumpling and some festival bread. H was good enough to take a photo despite me hopping up and down in the background desperate to start eating.

We’ll definitely be returning and I urge you to give it a whirl if you’re in the area.

2 thoughts on “Taste Buds Caribbean Cuisine, Aldershot”

  1. I often eat here and its delicious although I always order the same thing because I know next to nothing about Caribbean food. Having recently moved to the area from London I am desperately missing authentic, good food and this its the spot. Will have to try Sidewalks in North Camp, I’m intrigued!

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