Need Mead?

I’m not sure if you can quaff a tankard of mead, but I’d much rather that, than boring ale.

So when I came across Gosnells Sparkling Mead, I got unreasonably excited and we ordered some straight away.

We got a mixed pack containing 4 flavours: Hopped, Hibiscus, Sour and Citra Sea.

I wanted to love it SO BAD! And you know, the flavour was pretty good. A little bit of ale, with a lingering honey aftertaste. What let it down for me though was the degree of fizz.

I like a tongue-prickling, burp-inducing, bubble bounty in my carbonated drinks. This was more a light aeration, which I swear made it taste warmer if that’s possible. It reminded me of the lacklustre sparkle you can sometimes get in a homemade sparkling elderflower. Sure it may explode the bottle, but when you actually drink it, it just isn’t that fizzy.

I absolutely would drink this again (loaded with ice) but I wonder if I’d be more suited to a bottle of their regular mead and some creative cocktail ideas…

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