Mite Be Good?

Marmite’s marketing is all about love and hate.

Admittedly it is a divisive spread. It doesn’t bring much in the looks department, the texture is form-holdingly sticky and the taste is an overwhelming shout. For all that, though, I neither love nor hate it. I quite like it, sometimes. Other times, I’m not that bothered.

However I have to congratulate them on their expansion into a plethora of products. Cheese, crackers, peanut butter, nuts, breakfast biscuits and now houmous.

Poor houmous. The things we do to it. I still think the original version is the best, but my ongoing quest for variety requires me to mix it up.

I was confident I would like this, and I was right. They’ve put a hefty punch of Marmite in, but its diffusion results in a more accessible product. It’s far too easy to eat in quantity, busting your salt intake, but leaving you with a pleasant zing in the mouth.

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