Japanese Cheesecake

Although I’m certain I have eaten this in the past, Japanese Cheesecake simultaneously feels like something I could have imagined eating from seeing photos.

It looks light and fluffy, almost like a sponge, but knowing it is a cheesecake suggests a moistness lacking in regular cake.

Last month in Oxford, I bought a slice from Dore Dore Bakery and Cafe. This little spot is one of the many new arrivals since I left the area 11 years ago.

I sat on a nearby bench and swiftly consumed it. It sits somewhere between a cake and a soufflé, with a mild cream cheese taste and a subtle sweetness. A slice of regular dense cheesecake this size would be a challenge, but this slipped down in a trice.

I keep meaning to try making one, but I’m just too lazy.

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