Thailand Food Exploration: Love at First Bite

Love at First Bite is a bakery café in Chiang Mai.

coconut cream pie

It focuses on American-style cakes and pies, which after a few weeks of Thai food (delicious as it is) was a pleasant change.

The cakes were generally excellent, and while not cheap compared to Thai desserts, they contained many ingredients that are not commonly found in Thai cooking, which I think justifies the prices.

The luscious-looking creation in the photo is a coconut cream pie. Thick rich custard containing wide strips of coconut flesh, a crisp crust and a sweet, creamy white topping.

One thought on “Thailand Food Exploration: Love at First Bite”

  1. Best cake’s I have ever had in Thailand; thanks for finding the outlet; another reason to go and live in Chiang Mai!

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