New Zealand Food Exploration: Kiwiberry

It’s fruit time! You may have been worrying whether I was getting my five-a-day, so let this post reassure you that occasionally I do try to keep it healthy.

I’m sure you can imagine how thrilled I was to see a brand new fruit twinkling away at me on a supermarket shelf, therefore.


I’m pleased to introduce you to the kiwiberry (if you guys already know each other, why not use this as a chance to catch-up?).

It is about the size of a lychee/walnut, and while it is a type of kiwifruit, it is smooth-skinned and quite soft. Before you get too excited, it does taste almost identical to its fuzzy cousin, but a bit less tart.

Much pricier by volume than the bigger version, they’d bust my budget wide open if I ate them in large quantities, but they were a nice enough snack to offset whatever grease-laden lunch I had shovelled down that day.

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