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Recipe: Blackcurrant Fizz

This is my first recipe post, and it isn’t even my recipe! It’s H’s mum T’s creation, but she has kindly allowed me to post about it.

The two blackcurrant bushes in T’s garden have been prolific this year. I have appointed myself as chief picker, and have spent many idle sojourns plucking the darkest fruits while the sun shines.

Blackcurrant fizz is a soft drink which, with a splash of vodka, could be turned into a delicious cocktail. In a stroke of genius, T decided to store her cordial in ice-cube bags, so at a moment’s notice one can enjoy a refreshing zingy drink.

blackcurrant fizz

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Over the last few weeks we have been coming up with more and more elaborate ways to create delicious dishes from two gooseberry bushes that reside in the garden.

I’m always slightly baffled by gooseberries. For some reason they ended up in a “can be eaten straight off the plant” slot in my brain, alongside raspberries, strawberries and the like.


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