Hong Kong Food Exploration: Sun Kee

While reading one of my favourite food blogger’s websites for tips on Penang, I came across a long post on a 2010 trip to Hong Kong.

One place mentioned that caught my eye was a café called Sun Kee (Shop 13-14, G/F, Champagne Court, 6-20 Kimberley Rd).

To be strictly honest, it was less the place than a particular dish, namely grilled pork neck and cheese noodles. My love of cheese made my attendance a must, and so one evening we pavement-tangoed our way to Kimberley Road and tracked down Champagne Court.

cheese noodles

It was a small, old-school shopping centre, somewhat unprepossessing though the entrance corridor was lined with a few camera shops that caught H’s eye.

We turned a corner and saw a small busy café, its windows plastered with clippings and pictures, one of which looked a lot like cheese noodles. There was no English name outside but we decided this must be Sun Kee, so we went in and were seated at a table alongside some other diners.

A very helpful young man apologised for their lack of an English menu, but there were some pictures on one, and he named a few dishes for us.

I, of course, went for the cheese noodles and pork neck, whereas H was drawn to the spicy beef and rice.

The pork neck was sweet and tasty, although tepid. The noodles were the instant kind, and the cheese sauce, while creamy, was bland and lacking in a good strong cheese flavour. That said, as a whole it was comfortingly filling, and felt like something one would make at home for a soothing snack.

spicy beef and rice

H was very happy with his spicy beef. It had a good chilli kick and the egg was a welcome addition when mixed up into the rest of the dish.

Prices were low and the casual environment and friendly service made us both feel relaxed and welcome.

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  1. I thought that it was custard at first ……then I wasn’t sure if cheese was any better but then noodles are the same as pasta really and cheese goes very well with that …..so I am now resigned to thinking that it’s yummy!

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