Hong Kong Food Exploration: Wang Fu Beijing Dumplings

Dumplings. Is there anything they can’t do?

Well obviously, yes. But I love British suet dumplings (as you can probably tell from this post), fried Jamaican dumplings, Japanese gyoza and Jewish matza balls, to name but a few.

Chinese dumplings are another treat, and having read about Wang Fu (65 Wellington Street) in a few online posts, when we found ourselves hungry and in that very street, it made perfect sense to go there.


It was a very small and simple café, but the menu had a large choice of dumplings available, which you could have as a serving of 5 in a noodle soup, or 10 on their own.

Any good food blogger would have made a list of all the different types, so I think you can guess what I neglected to do. Don’t worry though, this way it’ll be a nice surprise when you go there!

And you should go there. The dumplings we had were excellent. My pork and green bean dumplings had a wonderful balance of meat and fresh beans, and the outer skin was thick enough to have some bite while thin enough not to overwhelm the filling.

H opted for the dumplings and noodle soup combo, and swiftly began murmuring about ordering more dumplings and eyeing my plate of 10 dumplings with an envious eye. His filling was based around lamb, and I found this to be a pleasing change from the usual pork or seafood.

dumpling noodles

The soup and noodles were as plain as the photo makes them look, so I’d recommend maxing out on dumplings if you make it here.

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  1. I love dumplings and these just look delicious!!! I have never had matzo balls though….but I think I will give them a try…. I am so hungry right now.

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