Malaysia Food Exploration: Curry Puffs

When the heat becomes unbearable in Malaysia, one option is to retreat to an air-conditioned shopping centre.

The Mid Valley Megamall in KL is an immense edifice crammed with shops and food outlets. Connected to it is The Gardens Mall which contains yet more places to spend money, and some good options for food including the Homi Chicken Curry Puff stand.

curry puff

Curry puffs are common in Malaysia. They range in size from the dainty to a hefty croissant, and though a common filling is chicken, other choices include sardine or vegetarian.

At this outlet they were selling the larger variety and having just eaten lunch, we shared a single chicken curry puff. The pastry was incredibly rich and flaky, crumbling at the slightest touch. The filling was a mild curried mix of potato and chicken, and even though we were full and this was greasy fare, we seriously contemplated buying another.

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