Thailand Food Exploration: Khanom Pui Fai

Cake isn’t something I associate with Thai cooking.

I was therefore pleasantly surprised to come across these colourful steamed cakes in a bakery one day.

khanom pui fai

Visually they remind me of steamed Chinese buns, due to those distinctive cracks in the top. This influenced my expectation of how they would taste.

I imagined something quite bread-like, but they were definitely all cake. The texture was very fine, light and spongy in a slightly dry way.

The taste was sweet and a little artificial, and the colour seemed to have no effect on flavour. Some icing would have perked them up a treat, but they were perfectly palatable in their plainness.


One thought on “Thailand Food Exploration: Khanom Pui Fai”

  1. These tasted like .. nothing. Not sure why you’d bother eating them. So fine that not even the texture was interesting.

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