Dutch Food Analysis: Oliebollen

Before you get envious/astounded that I have been on holiday so soon after being abroad for months, don’t worry. The oliebol may be Dutch, but I bought it in Kilmarnock at the Global/Continental Market mentioned in my post on macaroons.

Given that this occurred a few weeks ago, there is really no excuse for my taking so long to write about it. All I can say is that my mind has recently been focused on job-seeking, which hasn’t left much room for anything else.


Forgetting about that for now, though, I’d never heard of oliebollen (the plural of oliebol) before seeing them on the Dutch market stall. T (who lived for a few years in Holland) recognised them instantly however, and was able to enlighten me that they were very similar to a doughnut in taste and texture.

They are the size of a medium apple, and lightly dusted with powdered sugar. We opted for 2 ginger and 2 apple and cinnamon, and very nice they were too.

oliebollen interior

I once made doughnuts and the oliebollen reminded me of my semi-successful attempt. Quite a plain bread dough, with a crispy, greasy exterior. I would have preferred more sugar, but the different flavourings on the inside livened up the taste, and they were still passably edible the next day (unlike my own efforts, which turned into rocks).

I’d recommend them freshly cooked if you want to experience oliebollen at their best. Of the two varieties, I preferred the apple and cinnamon, as I found them a bit moister, although I’d have preferred a lighter hand with the cinnamon.

Note: Pics by me.

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