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Dutch Food Analysis: Oliebollen

Before you get envious/astounded that I have been on holiday so soon after being abroad for months, don’t worry. The oliebol may be Dutch, but I bought it in Kilmarnock at the Global/Continental Market mentioned in my post on macaroons.

Given that this occurred a few weeks ago, there is really no excuse for my taking so long to write about it. All I can say is that my mind has recently been focused on job-seeking, which hasn’t left much room for anything else.


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Malaysia Food Exploration: Not Photographed But Not Forgotten

I’m going to have to put another pound in my imaginary “blog fail” jar. Perhaps even two, as with supreme skill and despite having eaten them more than once, there were no photos taken of two Malaysian legends: nasi lemak and char kway teow.

I was sorely tempted not to mention the fact and to sweep it all under the table, moving on to the next post while whistling softly to myself. However as both these dishes are delicious, I just couldn’t do it.

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Malaysia Food Exploration: Roti Canai

In all conversations about what we should eat when in Malaysia, the top of our must-haves list was roti canai (pronounced “rote-ee chan-i”).

I touched on this delectable bread a while ago in a post on the rotee stalls that lurk seductively around Thailand’s streets. Roti canai can be found on similar stalls, but is exceedingly common in the many Indian restaurants that inhabit the Malaysian food scene.

H spent some of his formative years in Malaysia, and fondly remembers breakfast roti with fish curry as a Sunday treat. Served with a frothy mug of teh tarik (tea sweetened with condensed milk and poured at a distance from cup to cup to aerate it), he reckons it is one of the finest ways to start the day.

roti canai and teh tarik

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