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Thailand Food Exploration: Khao Keab Pak Mor

One of the Thai few foods I wasn’t very taken with when I tried it a few years ago was khanom tua baep. The casing was bland and the bean filling even more so.

So when I saw pak mor being made in a similar fashion (white batter smoothed over muslin to steam, then filled), I was a little concerned.

pak mor

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Chocolate and Peanut Butter

A few months ago, T made the most amazing chocolate cheesecake brownies from a recipe booklet published by Macmillan Cancer Support. As I devoured a still-warm slice, I thought to myself “add some peanut butter to that cheesecake swirl and this would probably be the world’s best cake”.

You see I, along with much of America, am in love with chocolate and peanut butter. The nutty saltiness and the sweet creaminess are a perfect combination in my eyes.

However in the UK, it’s easy to think one is alone in feeling like this. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and a few other Reese’s items are available here and there, but there’s very little else.

peanut butter truffles

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