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Love Me Tenders

Titling these posts is becoming a real stretch, and gives me empathy for those coming up with the actual product names. It must be an endlessly depressing meeting: the highs as a new mangled name is thought of, the lows as it is discovered to already be copyrighted.

Anyway, we’re back in the realm of faux chicken, specifically Fry’s Artisan Southern-Style Tenders.

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Don’t Feel Like Chicken Tonight?

I suffer from migraines, and as a kid, the only food I ever thought I could manage to stomach during one was cold breaded chicken.

I never did (felt too sick), but it held a mysterious appeal, especially as I rarely ever had it. I guess it offered a soothing combination of tender, chewy, minisculely-crispy, savouriness – bland but tasty.

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New Zealand Food Exploration: Fish and Chips

I imagine any UK readers are looking askance at the title of the post and thinking “Um, thanks, but I think I know what fish and chips are,” while rolling their eyes a little.

But before you jump ship to another site muttering “teach your grandmother…”, perhaps you haven’t heard of tarakihi or warehou, kumara chips or corn patties. Neither had I until very recently, and I’m desperate to show off my newly-acquired knowledge to anyone who will listen.

Due to our budgetary constraints, takeaways were bound to feature on the menu a few times. We couldn’t afford fancy fish restaurants, but we could stretch to the occasional fish and chip supper.

fish and chips

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