Sunday Lunch At: The Refectory, Milford

I have to make a humble apology because there are NO PHOTOS with this post. I know, it goes against everything a good food blog should be about, but let’s just shake our heads and struggle on as best we can.

Last Sunday we went with some friends to The Refectory in Milford. I have been aware of this place for a long time because it sits opposite Secretts, one of my favourite food shops around.

The Refectory building is lovely both inside and out, with vaulted beamed ceilings and a nice feeling of spaciousness. The service was generally good, with one waitress being particularly helpful and friendly. The choice for the two children in our party went down well with them (they both had ham, egg and chips), and it just felt like a nice place to be.

1. Do they have lamb?

Yes. Or at least it was on the menu when we were there!

2. Does the pork come with crackling and apple sauce?

I had a mixed roast of half pork and half beef. There was a bit of crackling plus a generous amount of apple sauce, although it was a bit cinnamon-heavy for me.

3. Do they give you Yorkshire pudding even if you don’t have beef? If yes, is it home-made?

One of the benefits of a half and half was that I did get Yorkshire pudding. The menu didn’t refer to one coming with the pork or chicken, so I’m not sure on that front. The one I had was home-made and very nice.

4. What veg does it come with? Are they frozen?

Shredded cabbage which was not over-cooked but was a bit bitter-tasting, and what I think was mashed carrot (possibly with swede, possibly not). Don’t believe either was frozen.

5. What are the roast potatoes like?

Disappointing. Not at all crispy, but instead a shiny yellow that made me wonder if they were waxy potatoes. I had a bit of one, but it just didn’t float my boat.

6. Is the meat sliced really thinly, and/or does it seem not to have been carved from a joint?

I had some thick juicy pieces of pork and beef and was happy with both.

7. Let’s talk about gravy. Thoughts?

I don’t have any strong memories of the gravy. This suggest to me it wasn’t a mind-altering jus.

8. What about puddings?

I’m gutted because I was too full for a Valrhona chocolate brownie with something peanutty and ice-cream.

9. Any comments on drinks?

Not really.

10. Atmosphere?

I found it relaxed and easy-going.

11. Price?

The roast was £13 – £14.

12. Any freebies?

Does the stuffing I got on my plate count? It felt like an extra trimming that would normally go with the chicken. Nice though!

13. Worth returning?

I would go back. I didn’t enjoy the food as much as I did at Aviator, but it was definitely family friendly, the food was good and there were some interesting dishes on offer.

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