Food Analysis: Snickers Peanut Butter Squared

One evening, H produced a miracle.

Imagine if you loved a chocolate bar. Well, quite liked it at least. And then they took that chocolate bar and added in one of your favourite ingredients: peanut butter.

You’d be pretty darned happy.

snickers peanut butter squared

And yet, and yet, there is a certain amount of trepidation. Could it be as good as I imagined? As I wanted it to be?

And the answer?


Now don’t get me wrong. It was still a very enjoyable chocolate treat. But the insertion of peanut butter upset the delicate balance of the bar. The caramel, which so excellently offsets the drier nougat, has been drastically reduced to make way for the new ingredient, and this makes for a much less unctuous bar. It just doesn’t quite hang together likes the original Snickers does. I say original Snickers, but I really mean original Marathon.

H got the bar from the Guildford branch of the Stateside Candy Co., but they also have an online store if that’s not near you.

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