Sunday Lunch At: Wheeler’s at Yateley

Back in October, the budget finally felt flexible enough to stretch to a random Sunday lunch out, and some research into possibilities led me to Wheeler’s of St James’s at the Casa Hotel in Yateley.

A quick glance at the site will show you it is part of the Marco Pierre White empire, but on that subject I am going to remain stoically silent.

roast pork

1. Do they have lamb?


2. Does the pork come with crackling and apple sauce?

As you can see from the photo, there was a small curl of crackling and the waiter came round and served me with some apple sauce. I would have liked more of both!

3. Do they give you Yorkshire pudding even if you don’t have beef? If yes, is it home-made?

Alas no Yorkshire, but I commandeered a bit of H’s, and while it wasn’t very crispy it had been well-cooked in some fat so had a good taste. Home-made = tick!

4. What veg does it come with? Are they frozen?

Some sweet basted carrots were good, I was neutral about a single piece of what I decided was roasted swede. The parsnips were too soft for me but the cabbage/onion/pea combo hiding under the meat was good. All fresh (except probably the pea!).

5. What are the roast potatoes like?

Well-seasoned but no crunch. Disappointing.

roast beef

6. Is the meat sliced really thinly, and/or does it seem not to have been carved from a joint?

Good chunky slices, fresh-carved.

7. Let’s talk about gravy. Thoughts?

Decent beefy gravy, but a bit of a sparse portion.

8. What about puddings?

Some traditional British favourites. I went for Burnt Cream, which was a large shallow dishful of creamy custard with a crunchy sugar top.

9. Any comments on drinks?

H had a glass of Malbec and I had an underwhelming apple juice (the kind that looks like cold tea).

10. Atmosphere?

Smart but relaxed. Good for an occasion.

11. Price?

Reasonable, I thought – under £18 for 3 courses.

12. Any freebies?

On our arrival at the table, we spotted a slate bearing butter sprinkled with fat flakes of sea salt. A bread basket containing 3 small rolls (2 white, 1 brown) soon arrived, and they were fine but unexciting.

13. Worth returning?

I won’t be racing over there, but I’d like to go and try a non-lunch menu.

Below are some extra pics of the starters we had.

H’s Salmon Gravadlax. Me and dill aren’t fast friends, but the taster I tried was pleasant enough. The toast was a poser as it had the colouration of fried bread with none of the grease. Perhaps oven-baked?

salmon gravadlax

Beetroot and Goat’s Cheese salad. Simple but a good combo, lifted by the crunchy walnuts.

beetroot and goat's cheese salad

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