Meat, Glasgow

Ribs, brisket and pulled pork have been springing up as guest stars or as the foundation stones of entire restaurants on a regular basis over the last few years.

For a long time, H and I would slake our desire for American-style meats at Bodean’s in Soho. We’d snack on a pulled pork sandwich with some fries in the casual seating upstairs, and wish we were on a Texas road trip.

These days even Wetherspoon’s sells pulled pork. However there are lots of specialist places to choose from, and on a recent trip to Glasgow we tried a couple.

meat cocktails

The first was unambiguously called Meat (142 West Regent Street).

Now if you are vegetarian, you may wish to select another post to read (perhaps this one), as this place is probably not for you (although they do have a mushroom burger).

As the photo above shows, this place is SO into its meat, it has cocktails infused with it. I had a pork-infused drink adorned with a miniature rib, and H had a brisket-infused creation.

If I’m honest, the intense smoky flavour of the drink was too much for me. That doesn’t stop me urging you to try one, though, as it’s a MEAT COCKTAIL!

We followed our cocktails with a goodly amount of meat.


H had the ribs, while I went for the beef brisket. They were both good but not perfect. I would have preferred the ribs to be more fall apart, and the brisket was in quite long strands which made it a bit strange to eat (meat spaghetti anyone?) although the accompanying gravy was very tasty. We also ordered some pickled veg, which cut through the meaty richness nicely; some macaroni cheese (an even bigger cheese kick would have suited me!) and some very crispy dry spice rub onion rings, that were intense but moreish.

Desserts were impossible as we were so full, which is a shame as there was some hot peanut butter shortbread I had hoped to squeeze in. We were seated in a spacious booth and there was a nice buzz even though it was a Monday night.

I’d go again but opt for some smaller dishes next time, with one eye on dessert!

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  1. I would love to come too next time, as a spectator even, it would be amazing. May be I could get you to come to Brian Maule instead………

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