A few Rhode Island and Massachusetts Finds

Almost exactly a year after our New York + Extras trip, here is the last post!

Don’t ask 🙂 Instead be distracted by this photo… mmm, creamy goodness!

fro yo

Did that work? Anyway, moving on…

Crazy Burger, , RI

This may not look like a burger, but allegedly it is – minced salmon in a filo crust. It was called the Luna-Sea Burger, and was enjoyable enough, but a burger? I’m not sure.


The place had a friendly casual feel – I liked it.

Horta’s, New Bedford, MA

Can you have too much fried fish? Answer = yes. I know, I was surprised too, but this casual New Bedford joint proved the point. Now I look at the photo again though, I am feeling a bit peckish…


Twin Acres Ice Cream Shoppe, Sandwich, MA


We stopped in for what we hoped would be just a LITTLE ice-cream at this charming shop. I had Butter Pecan with Hot Chocolate Fudge Sauce. My experience of chocolate sauce on ice-cream is limited to the ’80s classic Ice Magic (weird runny sauce that set hard on contact with ice-cream), so I was loving this!

H had a Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip frozen yoghurt pictured at the top of the post. Just a teeny scoop…

Hole In One, Eastham, MA

I can’t help but love doughnuts. I am a devotee of bread, and doughnuts are just a crispy, sweet bread often with a filling, like a pre-made sugar-laden sandwich!


The above may look like fried chicken, but it is an apple fritter, a type of doughnut I keep homing in on. I think this is because it reminds me of the British apple fritters I used to have as a kid. Sweet apple and crispy batter, with a drizzle of golden syrup.

This was a great shop – you could eat in or grab some doughnuts to go, which is what we did.

Arnold’s Lobster and Clam Bar, Eastham, MA

I was desperate for lobster in this part of the world.


The above is the result of our foray to Arnold’s – a most delectable lobster roll. Yummity yum. A relaxed informal restaurant where you ordered at the till and then waited until you were buzzed to collect.

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