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Last year I left my previous career to move into horticulture. I’m very much in the learning stage at the moment, but am trying to absorb as much knowledge as possible for the future.

As you may deduce, I am particularly interested in edible plants, both cultivated and foraged. I’ve therefore decided to focus some posts on my edible gardening exploits this year.

tomto apero

One of my new babies, a variety of tomato called ‘Apero’. I chose it because it is a cherry (my fave) and rated by the RHS for sweetness and resistance to various ailments.

He was planted at the start of March, started in seed compost on the windowsill indoors, and then potted on and moved out to an unheated greenhouse. I’ve just sown a few more seeds as part of my attempt to stagger plant, and I really want to try and keep the plants in a good shape this year. Normally I initially try and pinch out side shoots, then drop the ball and it turns into a sprawling mess 🙂

I’ve used the same approach for my sweetcorn ‘Lark’. Cultivar chosen for no particular reason, and I only have space for a small number of plants, but there is something very satisfying about picking your own sweetcorn!

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