Vegan Round-up

Life got in the way of my continuing vegan series, and after undertaking Veganuary, my intake of new vegan products has been much reduced.

Rather than slowly trail off, I decided to do a final summary post for the run, with a few last reviews and comments.

The above were one of my favourite products. Initially, I wasn’t sure if Sainsbury’s Plant Pioneers Vegan Shroomballs met the spirit of these posts. Were they trying to fake it and pretend to be meat? Their name suggested otherwise, but they were bouncy savoury balls of yum so I decided it would be a shame not to highlight them.

I also continued to experiment with different vegan cheese substitutes, of which the least bad was Applewood Vegan. The smoky taste and texture were still quite odd, but it was…acceptable. Certainly better than the blue, salad, mozzarella…

Of course I didn’t just eat fake meat and cheese for a month. Aside from veggies, bread and fruit, I also had things like:

  • Falafel of all types (often with houmous)
  • Chocolate oat and almond milks
  • Onion bhajis
  • Dal and veg curries
  • Tempeh and tofu
  • Random biscuits and crisps that were coincidentally vegan
  • Baked beans!

I have since returned to eating meat, but definitely less than I used to, and now have regular vegan meals, as well as vegetarian ones. I hit the cheese hard, and was happy to go back to butter, but I was impressed at the wide range of products available now, and am really glad where things are heading.

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