Tay, Tay, Tay, Tay

Alas for Mel and Kim I turned out extremely respectable, as did my tayberries.

Admittedly I have only eaten half of one so far (I donated the other half to H), but I can report that they taste like a cross between blackberries and raspberries, which they are, so good job everyone.

It is also just squeaking into strawberry season.

After moving my strawberries back out of a stacked strawberry pot last year (they just didn’t get enough light or individual water attention), I now have them both in the ground and a couple of hanging baskets.

As usual, something (mice?) waits until the ground ones are just getting ripe and then nibbles a bit. Woodlice then move into the holes, in a mini James And The Giant Peach homage. I have draped some netting over them, so we’ll see if it helps.

Perhaps foolishly I haven’t covered those in the hanging baskets. I’m hoping my cat-in-residence will keep the birds away, but that’s patently ludicrous as she just snoozes on the bed all day.

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