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Elderflower Update

A couple of weeks ago I mangled a recipe for Elderflower “Champagne”.

It sat in its bucket for two weeks, smelling a bit odd, getting a smidge mouldy-looking, and eventually a bit bubbly. I found a site that said a bit of mould wasn’t dire, so I scooped it off when I saw it, and stirred the mix every so often.

Today, I filtered and decanted into bottles.

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Elderflower Power

I was looking round for a gardening blog to read, and happened across Two Thirsty Gardeners, which sounded right up my street.

I meandered round their site for a bit, before coming across an old post on Elderflower Sparkle. This reminded me that I had missed elderflower season the last few years, and I resolved to head out into the field behind my house the next morning to check on progress.

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