Elderflower Update

A couple of weeks ago I mangled a recipe for Elderflower “Champagne”.

It sat in its bucket for two weeks, smelling a bit odd, getting a smidge mouldy-looking, and eventually a bit bubbly. I found a site that said a bit of mould wasn’t dire, so I scooped it off when I saw it, and stirred the mix every so often.

Today, I filtered and decanted into bottles.

It is cloudier than I recall from making it previously – I’m wondering if the icing sugar is to blame. Of course it may clear in the bottles – I guess we’ll see!

I tried a bit and it tasted a bit floral, mildly fizzy, and somewhat vinegary. I did add some apple cider vinegar originally, so I’m hoping it is that rather than acetic acid growing in the mix. I actually quite like a shrub taste, but it wasn’t what I was going for here!

The bottles have been stored in a bagged bucket in a kitchen cupboard. I aim to “burp” them periodically (open the lids to release gas build up) – here’s hoping I don’t forget.

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