Thailand Food Exploration: Thab Thim Krob Drink

Following my u-turn on a group of desserts that I snappily call “things floating in coconut milk”, I quite happily began eating thab thim krob whenever the opportunity arose.

At the same market where I purchased the underwhelming khanom tua baep, H and I shared a thab thim krob drink.

thab thim krob drink 1

It really was very little different to regular thab thim krob. Replace the bowl with a cup and the spoon with a fat straw and hey presto!

There were some impossible-to-suck-up scrapings of coconut in the mix, and the water chestnut was in lovely shades of orangey-red, but I’m really splitting hairs here.

thab thim krob drink 2

So why bother writing about it? No real reason except I thought the photos were pretty!

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