Hawaiian Butter Mochi

If those three words don’t fill you with anticipation – they should.

I recently read a news article about how people have been going bananas for Little Moons ice-cream filled mochi. I rolled my eyes in a “late-to-the-party” fashion, and then read on to learn about how Japan Centre in London now had a mochi bar. Where you can buy mochi donuts, among other things.

Now it was ME trying to sneak in after kick-off. Why had I never heard of mochi donuts?!?! I went down an internet rabbit hole reading a plethora of bakery mochi recipes and getting progressively hungrier, until I finally settled on making Drive Me Hungry’s Chewy Hawaiian Butter Mochi.

You essentially make a batter including eggs, glutinous rice flour, butter, sugar and coconut milk, which you can either bake as a single creation or mini-serves. I opted for the latter as it sounded like crispy edges were a prized feature. I used a 12 hole muffin tin and had enough to completely fill it plus make a 4″ by 6″ slim slab.

After reading the various comments I used a third less sugar and a touch less water. I opted for regular coconut milk instead of light and my flour of choice was Foo Lung Ching Kee Glutinous Rice Flour.

The result was the chewy, custardy, coconutty stuff of dreams. The lightly crisped edges (which remained until I put the remainder in the fridge overnight) added a caramel note, and these little beauties were far too easy to eat. So good!

I now have my eye on a recipe for Pandan Butterscotch Mochi Bars.

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