Parma Violet Aviation

When I read about Iceland’s avalanche of sweet-based ice-creams on Kev’s Snack Reviews, it wasn’t long before both Anglo Bubbly and Parma Violet Ice Lollies were in the house.

While the Anglo Bubbly ones were actual ice-creams, I was disappointed that the Parma Violet ones were lollies. I’d been imagining rich, creamy, violetty goodness, and instead it was a frozen syrup stick.

Unimpressed by the medium but appreciating the taste, I decided to repurpose two lollies in a version of possibly my favourite cocktail, an Aviation.

I had all the other ingredients already, and simply subbed out the violet liqueur for the lollies. I used 4 fl oz gin, 1.5 fl oz kirsch, 1.5 fl oz lemon juice and two lollies. Blended the whole lot up, poured into two glasses over a maraschino cherry, and added an ice cube.

It tasted like a slushier version of the classic, and while one could definitely tweak for an optimum result, I liked it!

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