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Getting Up to Date

I’m painfully conscious that I’ve not posted for a while.

Don’t imagine for a minute I’ve been nowhere worth writing about. I’ve just been incredibly bad at remembering to take photos, distracted by the fun and games of Christmas and also been buying a house.

I shall compensate with a whistle-stop tour of some of the highlights.

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Escaping from Oxford to Eat Out: Pub Restaurants

Oxfordshire is rife with charming pubs, tucked away in tiny villages or sitting squatly on the side of main thoroughfares. Some offer simple fare such as sandwiches or scampi and chips, others fall under the gastro-pub (I do NOT like that term) umbrella, making the most of local ingredients to produce sometimes delicious and sometimes over-ambitious food. Continue reading Escaping from Oxford to Eat Out: Pub Restaurants

An On-Foot Food Tour of Oxford

I have lived around Oxford for about five years. I can’t say I’ve ever come to love the city like many do, but you can easily get a good meal here, and there are lots of interesting little places to pick up tasty tidbits. With that in mind, I decided to write up a suggested itinerary for a gastronomic walking tour, with stops at some of my favourite places.

Before continuing, I should clarify that my sphere of knowledge is limited to those parts near my office, the bus station and the houses of friends, so this isn’t a comprehensive assessment of all the delights to be found within the ring road. However I hope that there are enough ideas here to get you started. Continue reading An On-Foot Food Tour of Oxford