Thailand Food Exploration: Sang Kaya

My love of custard was revealed a while ago.

I’m not ashamed. We all have our food vices, and this one is fairly harmless. In moderation.

You have probably by now correctly deduced that sang kaya is a type of custard. Coconut custard in fact.


It’s not surprising to me that in a land where coconuts are plentiful and dairy products elusive (presumably due to the climate), that coconut milk would appear as a milk/cream substitute in a custard recipe.

It is a baked custard, very reminiscent of a baked egg custard. As you can see from the photo it was quite grainy. This made me think it had split, but perhaps it is the preferred way of eating it in Thailand, or maybe the different ingredients cause it to turn out this way.

It tasted a little too heavily of egg for me, though the coconut still shone through. A good one to try at home, perhaps.

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