A Day of Indulgence, London

It was my birthday not so very long ago. I booked the day off work and then spent some time considering what to do.

H unfortunately had to work, so I decided to have a day out in London alone. However there was no sightseeing for me. Nope, I was going on a food crawl.

la fromagerie

Loaded up with birthday books on the e-book reader, after a lazy breakfast including birthday duffins courtesy of H, I headed into London.

My first destination was a bakery, Cocomaya. I wanted to try one of their croissant doughnut hybrids, but was too full for anything more than a mini one, which I ate in nearby Hyde Park. Fried layers of dough – who wouldn’t love that?

My next stop was Selfridges Food Hall on Oxford Street. I bought some foodie presents for H’s imminent birthday, and noticed they stocked the Cocomaya pastries too.

It was closing in on lunch time by this point, so I homed in on La Fromagerie in Marylebone, and went into their little café, No. 6. As much as I absolutely love cheese, I rarely have a cheeseboard, but this seemed like the perfect place to do so. I chose the Cheeseroom Board, and accompanied it with a special cocktail, which I think was violet and prosecco. So pretty! The cheese was delumptious and not too filling so I knew I’d have room for more, which was the plan.

I sauntered down to Soho next, specifically to Pitt Cue Co, somewhere I’ve been longing to eat but have not yet managed.

pitt cue

Now I THINK what I had was called Scrapple. It was shredded pork and fat, quite a lot of fat, breaded and fried. As you can see, it was accompanied by some sharp apple sauce. The lady I ordered it from flagged up the high fat content, and she wasn’t lying – it was verging on too fatty for me, and I am a friend to fat. I had a nice cocktail to go with it – a hard something or other (I should have written this down, I know) which was most pleasant.

I had a brief break to do a little more birthday shopping for H and have a drop-in shoulder massage at a place in Kingly Court. This reminded me that I wanted to go to Pizza Pilgrims, so I duly did.

pizza pilgrims

There was no way I could manage a pizza, but I did have room for an Aperol Spritz and a particularly awesome Frittatine de Macheroni. Deep fried macaroni, cheese and bolognese essentially. SO GOOD!

I must admit, that by this point I was wondering if it was time to call it a day. However the sweet part of my stomach piped up and plead for dessert, so I went down to Said on Broadwick Street.


After staring at the amazing array of cakes, I opted for a slice of chocolate and caramel tart and a teeny cup of hot chocolate. Very, very rich and very, very delicious.

Although I was on my lonesome, I enjoyed my indulgent day, and can highly recommend it!

PS: Apologies for the photos Рit is not my fort̩!

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