Vietnam Food Exploration: Caramen Nep Cam

One of the places we stopped on our food tour was a dessert house (Che 95, Hang Bac) very close to our hotel.

Having seen they had a pictorial menu, I resolved to return and try some other treats.

caramen nep cam

H’s dish on the left was very pleasant (fruit and a yoghurty pannacotta), but mine was the stand out. Basically sticky rice in coconut milk topped with a creme caramel!

It was SO GOOD! Creamy, sweet, vanilla, coconut, caramel… I doubt I’ll come across it in the UK, but you never know.

I should add that this is my LAST POST on our Vietnam trip. Given that it was nearly eight months ago now, I really need to work on my turnaround time 🙂



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