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Thailand Food Exploration: Nam Tan Sod

I had previously considered nam oi (sugar cane juice) the undisputed title holder of “World’s Least Healthy Juice”, so it came as a shock to find out there was another contender snapping at its heels.

Spying this stall in a Rayong market, I asked our Thai host what it was. “Palm sugar juice,” she replied.

palm sugar juice
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Malaysia Food Exploration: Cendol

Since my Thailand post indicating my suspicion of coconut milk desserts, and my subsequent retraction, I have happily been eating the odd dessert of this type here and there.

Cendol (pronounced “chendol”) is another such creation, though this time pushing me to the limit with the addition of beans.


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Thailand Food Exploration: Nang Let

The same small restaurant that serves the gaeng jued tam luang also sells packets of Thai sweets. This includes nang let, a delicious crispy snack.

nang let

They are made from cooked sticky rice that has been formed into patties, dried, fried and topped with a swirl of palm sugar caramel. A sprinkle of black sesame seeds is mixed in with the rice, which adds a subtle nutty flavour.