Fake It Until You Make It

Poor Beyond Sustenance. It has languished alone for so long.

But excuses are boring and new things are exciting! So for my next trick, I’m planning to write some posts on vegan “FIUYMI” food products, ie vegan products that imitate animal favourites.

I’ve been somewhat disdainful of these items in the past. It seemed unneccessary – why eat a poor imitation when a good REAL alternative would be better. Ignore the fake nuggets and go for the falafel!

However as I have begun to think more about cutting back on meat and animal products, the craving for a certain combination of textures that fills a specific slot in a meal has become more understandable.

The massive rise of readily available vegan food, “dirty” vegan restaurants, and widening brands and options, has made me want to revisit my bias and reassess my thinking. I’m ready to be amazed (or at least pleasantly surprised!).

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